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Meet Joel

My journey with aviation began in 2005 with an introductory flight in a Cherokee 140. Like many fellow aviators, I caught the bug as a child and dreamed of becoming a pilot. I began earning and saving as much money as possible, mowing lawns and waiting tables. I took my first official lesson at the age of 16 in Sevierville, Tennessee at the Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Airport. I still remember the tail number of the first airplane I soloed, N150DK. Just a year later I became a licensed pilot at the age of 17.

Wow, What a journey it has been! It is hard to believe a whole decade has flown by. It was just a couple years ago that I began to revisit the idea of aviation as a career. While having enjoyed a successful career thus far in sales and marketing. I still felt the beckoning call to one day pilot the airplanes I dreamed about as a kid. 

I began aggressively building time and completing my instrument rating, commercial, certified flight instructor(CFI/CFII), and multi engine rating within just a few years. The picture above was taken on August 8th 2017 upon purchasing my very first airplane, a dream come true! She is a 1962 Cessna 182E. We have spent a lot of time together over the past year building hours all over the South East.


While attending Oshkosh this year (2018), I was fortunate to connect with Martin Ingram, representing Muncie Aviation Company at the Daher TBM expo. I have always been a huge fan of the TBM and simply dropped by to say hello and take a peak inside a brand new 930. Mr Ingram and I got to talking, and he invited me up to Muncie Indiana for a tour of the operation. Just a couple weeks later, I found myself in the great state of Indiana landing my Cessna 182 at the Delaware County Regional Airport.

It was great getting to know the great folks at Muncie Aviation and the history behind the company. I was excited to get an offer to join to flight department in October 2018. Stay tuned for a lot of great content!

Muncie Aviation is a proud distributer of Piper, TBM and Quest aircraft. I can tell you it’s been a lot of fun getting introduced to turbine aircraft!

We maintain an impressive inventory of new and top-quality pre-owned piston and turbine aircraft from personal to corporate. We are employee owned an have been operating out of Muncie Indiana since 1932. Feel free to check out our website here.


- Joel Mayo